The Rock N Roll Weekend 2017.

The rock n roll weekend of 2017 is upon us and we’ve lots to celebrate this weekend! Have a look at all the Rock N Roll events, news and fun rolling across the city this weekend!

5. The Rock N Roll Marathon

All around the world people are running to Rock N Roll and Ireland is no different. The Rock n Roll Marathon is taking place this weekend. We’ll be running it and we’re offering 20% off to all participants and you get free in if you bring four people. Check out the video  below about why running rocks!

4. The Rock N Roll Festival

The Rock N Roll Festival is on in Dame District and we’ll be extending our Rock N Roll Discount to visitors to this festival.  It’s a free festival to celebrate all things rockabilly and it’s a great thing for charity. Alway worth a visit!

3.Eric Bell of Thin Lizzy has finished recording his new album “Standing at a Bus Stop”

Eric Bell, of Thin Lizzy fame, is releasing his new album where you can preorder CD or Vinyl here now on. Click the album work below to go through to order!

Eric Bell on Alderley Edge

[Album cover work: Eric Bell on Alderley Edge - Album cover artwork Source:]


2. The Temple Bar Summer Family Fun Day

The Temple Bar Summer Family Fun Day is on the 12th, 19th and 26th August in Crampton Court Dublin 2 and the first event is this Saturday. With animal and kid friendly events on this will be a free event to celebrate Temple Bar. We’ll be out and about here having fun, hope to see  you along!



New Thin Lizzy Memorabilia in the Rock N Roll Museum

We’re delighted to have received some more memorabilia from the Lynott family to have on display in the Museum. Check out our instagram for some sneak peeks.

One of the latest donations to the Museum from the lovely Philomena Lynott.

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Are we missing anything due on this weekend? We’re sure we are and we’re sure you’ll tell us! Share your favourite Rock N Roll event of the year with us. We’re always interested to hear. And if you want to find out more about the our Thin Lizzy Memorabilia and what we feature on our tour get in touch. You can also book online to get a 10% discount!