Memorabilia Showcase: A Textile Portrait of Phil Lynott from Stitchin in the Kitchen

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Memorabilia Showcase. Phil Lynott’s Textile Portrait

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The environment that we surround ourselves influences who we are, just like with art the environment influences our creations. Art and music are intrinsically linked and it’s this link that really hits home for families and fans of music and art alike. There are numerous amounts of art forms. Music sets emotions and atmospheres and influences our creative thoughts. A musician takes to an instrument like a painter would take to a canvas, both start blank and when finished something beautiful is produced. Music and art both have the same external influences at a certain time in history like social inspirations or political movements they both compliment each other and tell a story of that timeline.  

Andy warhol was deeply influenced by the rock band Velvet Underground and Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock openly embraced jazz music as his artistic influences. Painter Georgia o’Keeffe painted a series of abstract paintings using “the idea that music could be translated into something for the eye” she said.

But what has that got to do with the Irish Rock ‘N’ Roll Museum Experience, I hear you ask? Though we are a relatively new Museum, we still get tagged in many posts online from musicians sharing their personal covers of U2’s greatest hits or of artists interpretations of stars. We even share the odd creative piece ourselve… But one day we were tagged in a beautiful piece of artwork online that we had to share. Jane Sanders, or “Stitchin_in_the_kitchen” as she goes by online, tagged is in a textile portrait that really connected with us at the Museum.

Jane has done some amazing work of some great artists such as Sinead o’connor, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix but our favourite of them all is her portrait of thin lizzys frontman Phil Lynott which she kindly donated a print of to the Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum Experience.


More about Jane


Jane is an artist that has worked with different mediums such as sculpture, photography and costume. She says her work has always been concerned with “popular culture”. Jane now mostly uses sewing machines with textiles to create stunning portraits of celebrities. She says while she is qualified as a painter she has learned to “paint” with the sewing machine and that when she was a child handicrafts were really popular but the difference being instead of making a cushion cover with an owl on it she was producing a bad-ass vibrant portrait for e.g Gene simmons from KISS! Jane produces these amazing portraits from her kitchen “surrounded by chaos”, her two daughters and her greyhound called Fred. Jane always likes to listen to the music of person she is sewing at the time.

We can’t wait to get this Phil Lynott artwork on display.


While we’re not currently stocking her prints, you can purchase them from her directly on her instagram account here. We’re almost certainly going to get the Sinead O’Connor one ourselves!

Book in today to see this and more memorabilia of Irish Rock Music History and maybe learn a thing or two about traditional and nontraditional rocking Irish Music and Culture!


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