Temple Tradfest 2018 The History of Trad Music and Rock N Roll Fusion

The History of Trad Music & Rock N Roll Fusion for Temple Bar Tradfest 2018

Temple Bar Tradfest 2017

For Temple Bar TradFest 2018, we’re converting our usual rock ‘n’ roll tour into a Traditionally Irish Music themed tour. We’ll be talking about the Traditional music each of our rock stars drew their inspiration from, we have some traditional memorabilia from some of the most renowned traditional musicians. On top of that, we’re offering a 20% discount on admission for anyone with a ticket for a Tradfest gig or for those going on!

Temple Bar’s Tradfest 2018 is an annual celebration showcasing the best of both Irish and International Traditional and Folk music. Once a small niche festival, Temple Bar Tradfest has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Tradfest 2018, yet again sees a host of talented artists taking to the stage across various venues. Genres range from folk and nu-folk to even Rock ‘N’ Roll. The past decade has seen the festival grow in terms of size and ambition, with this year looking to be the best yet! You can get tickets for the various gigs here.

Tradfest 2018 Themed Tours

To show our support for Temple Bar TradFest 2018 yet again we will be running our very popular and interesting Traditional Irish Music themed tour. Our knowledgeable tour guides will recount the story of Irish traditional music and pay particular homage to those Trad artists who have frequented the studios and venue in which the tour takes place.

Those honoured include Donal Lunny, Luka Bloom, Declan Sinnott, The Gloaming and many more. Visitors will also get the chance to see a live working venue and a working recording studio where many of Ireland’s top traditional albums were produced.
There is also memorabilia from such artists as Glen Hansard, Mundy, The Hothouse Flowers, Paddy Casey and more.

Tradfest 20% Discount

In addition, for those of you coming to enjoy and celebrate this year’s TradFest, we’re offering a special discount just for ticketholders. Simply present your TradFest programme or ticket at our reception and you will receive 20% off admission to the tour. Tradfest goer’s can also book their tickets online using our ‘Tradfest2018’ discount code!
So join us between the 24th and the 28th of January to avail of our exclusive Temple Bar TradFest Tour and discount!

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