Temple Bar: Culture that rocks!

Destination of thousands of tourists, cradle of a quivering arts district and a unique alternative buzzing quarter, Temple Bar is full of colors, perfumes and history that must be told.

It rocks, as we love to say.

Walking through the small streets and squares, that give a home to our museum, you can feel a different atmosphere at any time of the day.

But, before talking about what Temple Bar is today, let’s take a quick look to its recent history.

How did it become the kernel of creativity in Dublin?

In the 1980s C.I.É, a state transport company, wanted to buy and demolish the area to build a bus terminus. While planning, it rented the buildings at a very low price, attracting artists, galleries and small shops to the area.

Thanks to the protests of the National Trust of Ireland, the initial project was cancelled. In 1991, Temple Bar Properties was born: a non-for-profit company appointed by the government to safeguard and oversee the regeneration of the area.

Beside the odd anti-social problems, expensive prices and excessive crowds, Temple Bar currently hosts buskers, street artists, open air markets(A must visit every Wednesday evening is the Temple Bar Night Market), The National Photographic Archive, The Gallery of Photography, The Irish Film Institute, The Project Arts Centre, The Ark and… us, of course! The Irish Rock’n’roll Museum!

Among all the forms of arts, music has always been in the graces of this magic place. Here, traditional Irish music and alternative, innovative, rock music live together - influencing everyday new generations of artists.


Take a music walk

While you’re on your way towards our museum, take a “music walk” starting with the Clarence Hotel. Did you know that it belongs to Bono and The Edge?

Keep on walking towards the Project Arts Centre: U2 played many of their first gigs inside their theatre.

Next stop: Rory Gallagher Corner. A Fender Stratocaster bronze replica is there from 2006.

Fourth, let Irish traditional music guide you to Claddagh Records.

Now look at the opposite side and contemplate the Wall of Fame… and here we are! Get in and ask our guides (they know a lot!) more information about Irish rock, specifically in Temple Bar!

Do you get why I told you that Temple Bar is a cultural mecca, now?

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#1 Clarence Hotel

#2 Project Arts Centre

#3 Rory Gallagher Corner

#4 Claddagh Records