Top 10 Rock N Roll Christmas Songs

Top 10 Irish Rock N Roll Christmas Songs Christmas is upon us, and with it the return of Christmas songs taking over our airwaves. While we can agree there are a lot of very poor attempts, there are some gems out there too! In no particular order, here is our definitive list of the top 10 Rock N Roll Christmas songs.

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We’re passionate about music at the Irish Rock N Roll Museum. It goes without saying we have a particular love for Rock music of the Irish variety, but we love and respect music in all forms and try our best to incorporate a wide variety of Irish bands in our tour and museum. Live music remains such an amazing form of artistic expression and something we at the museum want to celebrate.

A Rock N Roll Christmas

Try something different and have a Rock N Roll Christmas with us here in the Irish Rock N Roll Museum this Decemeber! We’ll be celebrating with festive cheer, new stories about your favourite Irish bands Christmas traditions, Christmas karaoke and much more! Tis the season to be rockin’, so visit us this Christmas for a special and unique experience you won’t get anywhere else, or at any other time of the year.

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