Why Records are Still Better than Digital | Record Store Day 2017

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Why Records are STILL better than digital.

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With international record day hitting on April 22nd 2017 we’re getting a little nostalgic and emotional about the old school art form of record collecting. Sure, you can get everything online nowadays, and with the likes of Spotify, Deezer, I-Tunes and Soundcloud to name a few, you can reach your favourite music faster than ever. While that’s all well and good we still think there’s nothing quite as real as sinking back into a chair, popping on your favourite vinyl and listening to good old analog. So before we disappear off to our neighbours Claddagh Records and have a fan fit over a limited edition of U2’s new 2017 mix of “Red Hill Mining Town”, let us quantifiably prove to you that records are STILL better than digital.

5. Analog is still alive and thriving.

Walk into any rock and roll store these days and you’ll see they’re not empty. Spindizzy on Georges Street, Tower Records, amongst others are full of serious music fans and collectors alike Monday to Sunday. They’re filled with the believers of the craft of music. See it’s expensive these days to create a vinyl track, it costs more than digital and the turnaround time is roughly about 4 to 8 weeks. The only people who will put themselves through this are the musical big wigs and the real music nuts. We love the music nuts just so you know.


4. Analog still sounds better.

When creating music nowadays you can do layer upon layer of music but there’s something magical about the fact that analog squashes all the sound down into one track. You can hear the soul of music through this that doesn’t transfer to digital. It’s almost like analog captures the sweat and tears. It’s a lossless format that catches everything going on. This is in our opinion better than digital.


3. The Artwork is better

With a larger space to cover you get a better canvas for our artwork. With a better canvas for our artwork we can create a better artwork for our walls. Yeah we can get it online and can print it ourselves but it’s definitely cooler to have vinyl.

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Source: Pinterest

2. Vinyl is only going to increase in value.

A smart vinyl investor can learn how to make money from their collection. For 2017 record collecting experts (Source:  Record Collector Mag ) expect to see anything from punk, reggae, or anything extremely rare from 1967 to sky rocket in price . So if the average record collector manages to separate themselves from one of their record children they could be laughing all the way to the bank.


1. It’s the most fun format to check for backmasking.

We’re going to start this one with a personal apology to our parents and every record collector out there. As a child, I personally LOVED playing records backwards to hear the  hidden secret messages. The Beatles in particular were a favourite of mine to scratch to pieces. Now that we’re older we’re full of regrets over that but still can’t quite find the same fulfilment on from finding a video on youtube.

Backmasking Bonus!

While researching backmasking we found a number of surprising and not so surprising uses of backmasking in Irish music. From Ash’s use of naughty backmasking Irish Music on Evil Eye of which Tim Wheeler’s  spoke and said “It’s not that bad” use  to accusations that Chris De Burgh purposefully uses back masking to subliminally advertise evil messages to people. There you are now.

So there we have it, our Rock ‘n’ Roll call out to National Record Day 2017. A day which will forever make our pockets emptier and our hearts fuller. Long. Live. Records.

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