New Thin Lizzy Memorabilia for the Irish Rock ‘N’ Roll Museum Experience

We here at the Irish Rock ‘N’ Roll Museum had a lovely visit to Philomena Lynott’s House earlier this month when she donated some new Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy Memorabilia to the Museum. We’re delighted to get this memorabilia just in time for the Bash For Philo Weekend and the 68th Anniversary of his birthday.

This weekend is the first weekend that we have this bad boy on display.

We also managed to get 2 double passes to the Guest list of Bash For Philo on this weekend in the Button Factory to celebrate his Birthday! ¬†We’ll pick a winner at random from our tour tomorrow!

We can also offer a massive 30% off Bash For Philo for all visitors to the Irish Rock N Roll Museum Experience over the weekend. Just ask at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Reception and we’ll look after you!