Some Irish Rock Connections to Queens of the Stone Age

Some Irish Rock ‘N’ Roll links to Queens of the Stone Age

As I’m sure many of you know  Queens of the Stone Age are playing this friday the 24th of November in the 3Arena in Dublin.
This is going to be a little blog telling you the musical connections between Queens Of The Stone age and Ireland and there’s a lot more than you’ll think.

The Nirvana Link

Okay let’s go back to 1994, Nirvana were one of the biggest bands at time, they had 3 very successful albums on their backs and were on tour.

They were scheduled to play RDS Simmons Court on the 8th of April, as all of us know that was the day it was announced Kurt Cobain had passed away. In the museum we have a poster that was donated to us by a member of the Irish Poster Association.

If you’re a Queen’s fan then you already know the connection but if you’re still wondering what any of this has to do with Queens Of The Stone Age let us go on.

Nirvana mainly (there were a few temporary characters in and out through the years) consisted of lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic, and drummer Dave Grohl. Now Grohl was devastated by the news of the passing of the singer of his band, and rightly so, he lost a close friend.

But  a few years after Dave finished with Nirvana  he started a band called “Foo Fighters”

Let me set the scene one day late 2001 Josh Homme rang Dave and asked him would he play drums for Hommes band Queens Of The Stone Age and off they went and they recorded their most critically acclaimed album ‘Songs for The Deaf’ in August of 2002. Grohl went on to tour with the band after the release of the album.

Foo Fighters and Queens at Slane in 2003

Now, we know Dave Grohl is a man of may bands but did you know that himself and Josh Homme of Queens even had a further Irish connection with both bands playing a stellar line up along with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in 2003.
We’ve trawled the internet to find a Queen’s Video from possibly one of the most iconic events in modern Irish history. We’ve come up short,because apparently no-one recorded back in 2003, however, we can share a unique Irish rock n roll museum experience memory from Slane in 1981.

Josh Homme and his predilection for the Gretsch Corvette

Josh Homme, is as we all know a multitalented musician considering he can play any instrument. But did you know one of his favourite guitars is the gretsch corvette.
If you, like to play yourself, the Irish Rock N Roll Museum Experience has a Gretsch (not a corvette mind, we’re not made of money!) in the rehearsals part of our tour.
We also have a wide range of guitars in display, but they’re better experienced in person.
That Salesy Part
Well lads, we’re all waiting for it and we have to say it but we do offer a 20% discount for concert goers. So if you’re in town to see Queen’s Against the Stone age or Royal Blood on Sunday don’t forget to drop into the Irish Rock N Roll Museum Experience and make the weekend a properly cultural experience!

And to top it off here’s a Queen’s Of The Stone Age Playlist Daniel, our office TY student created to get you all in the mood for Friday!

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