Ireland’s Mothers of Rock N Roll

We only have one mother in this life, and sometimes they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. The woman that nursed us when we were sick, the woman who would move mountains to make us happy, and not to forget the woman who would threaten us with the wooden spoon when we were bold. Yes, a mother’s love is unconditional, but everyone knows, there’s no mammy like an Irish mammy. To celebrate  Mothers Day we wanted to wish everyone’s mammy a very special day, but especially some of the Irish rocking mammies, & mammies of rockers. Here are our Top 5 Irish Rocking Mammies.




Imelda May

Imelda has been a busy woman over the last few years. She got the attention of the country in 2008 with her song ‘Johnny Got A Boom Boom’ and has been on the train for success ever since. With over 5 studio albums under her belt, annual world tours, and even had her own tv programme on RTE ‘The Imelda May Show’. On top of all that, Imelda is one cool mammy, and will surely pass on her talent to her daughter. Happy Mothers Day Imelda May.



Sinead O Connor

Sinead O Connor is no stranger to the lime light, and has an impressive career spanning nearly three decades. She has worked with the likes of ‘The Chieftans’, had a leading role in Neil Jordan’s film ‘The Butcher Boy’ and is famously known for her timeless hits ‘Mandinka’ and ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’. Sinead has always is a true national treasure, and we were blessed with the music she has produced. Happy Mothers Day Sinead.



Philomena Lynott

During the 70’s, Thin Lizzy were at the highlight of their career. Led by their enigmatic frontman Phil Lynott, they rocked the socks off their adoring fans from all around the world, but Phil’s biggest fan was, and always will be, his loving mother Philomena Lynott. It’s been over 30 years since he passed away, but he lives on through his music and the work that Philomena does to keep his memory alive by holding the annual Phil Lynott Exhibition in Dublin, raising money alongside Thin Lizzy fans for the Phil Lynott’s Statue on Grafton Street, and published her autobiography, My Boy, which documents their relationship. Yes, Phil loved his Mammy and in this video even dedicates a song to her in the audience. She truly is one the greatest rockstar mammies of all time. Happy Mothers Day Philomena Lynott.



Dolores O Riordan

Dolores is well known as the lead singer of the Limerick formed Irish rock band, The Cranberries. They have been on the soundwave since the nineties, and you can hear their songs ‘Linger’ and ‘Zombie’ in a lot of film soundtracks. Dolores has had a lot of highlight moments in her life but said in an interview with the independent  “It was the best moment of my life when my little boy came out” and is a mother of three.She later went on to appear as judge on the reality tv show, The Voice, but didn’t feel that it was her cup of tea and left the show. She is now currently doing a world tour with The Cranberries. Happy Mothers Day Dolores O Riordan.



Mary Black

The Black family is well known in Ireland for their musical talent, especially Mary Black who since taking a solo career has been defined as the essence of Irish woman singers. Mary is held in high regard by the Irish public for her musical fusion between both traditional folk and modern material. Music is in her blood, which she has clearly passed down to her son Danny O’Reilly the lead singer of the Irish rock band ‘The Coronas’, who’s music also has a lot influences from traditional Irish folk. Yes, they are one musically talented bunch, and Mary still tours just as much her son does with no sign of slowly down. Happy Mothers Day Mary Black



Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing Mammies from all of us here at the museum, and why not treat your Mammy to a trip to the museum. Book now and share a moment that most parents dream of, to rock out with their kids.