5 Most Iconic Irish Rock Songs from the Movies.

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5 Iconic Irish Rock Songs from the Movies.

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We’re mad about Irish Rock Music here in the Irish Rock N Roll Museum. Who would have guessed it? But we’re all fairly well versed when it comes to the movies as well. In particular I like pinpointing Irish Rock songs that feature on movie soundtracks. It shows that we Irish punch well above our weight in the art, something we are most certainly proud of. Below is most certainly not a comprehensive list but it’s a start.

5. “Mustang Sally” By The Commitments – The Commitments

All Irish people are well conversed with the story of the commitments. It’s a great Irish movie and a great Irish band were formed out of it that did a tour a few years back. If you’re a tourist reading this blog and you’re coming to Ireland you must watch The Van, The Commitments and The Snapper. If you’re an Irish person reading this blog here’s a reminder to watch them again!

4. “Arsonist’s Lullaby” By Hozier – Live By The Night

Ben Affleck’s movie Live by the night was a bit of a visual beauty but was critically panned as his worst directorial choice to date. The use of Hozier’s song “Arsonist’s Lullaby”, was a more refined choice and produced a great movie trailer. Pity the movie wasn’t up to scratch.

3. “Shipping Up To Boston” By The Dropkick Murphys – The Departed

The Dropkick Murphy’s are an American Irish Celtic Punk band and their song “Shipping Up to Boson” featured heavily in The Departed. It’s one of those songs which knocked up and said yeah we’re here. Nowadays it’s used in sporting events and the like to set the “Fighting Irish” atmosphere.

2. “Higher Love”, By Steve Winwood (Covered by James Vincent McMorrow) – Big Business

Ok so this one isn’t strictly rock or Irish or even in the movie Big Business but it’s in our list because it’s a great song. James Vincent McMorrow’s haunting cover of it for charity brought the song a new life. Both versions of it have also been used in the TV Programme Elementary during the episode “Render, and then Seize Her”.

1. “Falling Slowly”, By Glen Hansard – Once

How could we write a blog about the most iconic Irish Rock Sound from the Movies without mentioning Once or “Falling slowly”. This unexpected Irish Gem makes us swell with national pride as it’s the true underdog story coming to life. It was filmed, on the cheap on the streets of Dublin City and it went on to win an Oscar and it was turned into a Musical which won 8 Emmy Awards.

Are we missing anything, we’re sure we are and we’re sure you’ll tell us! Share your favourite “Ah that’s an Irish voice” moment from your favourite film with us. We’re always interested to hear. And if you want to find out more about the “Once” and “Falling Slowly” we feature it on our tour. Book online to get a 10% discount!

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