Hot Press Magazine - The biggest influencer in the Irish Music Industry is already 40 years old



Every Irish artist dreams about their consecration as the day he/she will be on the Hot Press cover. Going back in time, we could name many established artists, like Hozier, hoping to be baptized as a rock stars by THE magazine.

Since 1977 it delivered to its readers interesting, quality content, differentiating from the other magazines for its distinctive interviews. They define themselves as the writers’ journal. And they definitely are.

As of today, we can state that Hot Press is an indispensable part of Irish cultural heritage.

So, in a lunch break of a weirdly sunny day in Dublin, walking around Temple Bar, I came across a free (FREE!) Hot Press covers exhibition. I obviously walked in and… how fascinating!

The exhibition is organised for Hot Press’ 40th birthday, in collaboration with and in the spaces of the National Library of Ireland’s National Photographic Archive.

It gives you the overall look you need to understand how they were able to grow and change during the years, without losing their touch and their personality. A clear evidence of their evolution is their logo: always different, but coherent with their vision.

They fought and are fighting for social causes from multi-cultural Ireland, women’s social and political rights, sexual freedom between consenting adults to the referendum for marriage equality and the 8th March repeal. (Incidentally the Vinyl Love collective are running Vinyl love for Repeal events all week-end too click for more info below!


Anyway back to the free Hot Press Expo. Growing together with the artists that built the foundations and the skeleton of what Irish music became, they always promoted and supported emerging artists, too.

For the most avid fans, the exhibition contains signed, hand-restored covers of many artists such as the ones you see in the pictures.


Still raring for some music history after your free visit to the Hotpress Annuals Celebration? Be sure to pop round to the Rock ‘N’ Roll Museum and we’ll keep the spirit going. We’re doing 10% off online so do pop in.