A Great Band’s Gotta Be Well Rehearsed

Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios have played host to all types of bands, from big names to young bands just starting off. Down through the years, countless famous acts have come through the rehearsals rooms including Ray La Montagne, Van Morrison and Def Leppard.

The studios were completely redesigned in the 90’s and have become Dublin’s premiere rehearsal studios ever since. It wouldn’t be uncommon these days to see the likes of Christy Moore, The Coronas and Little Green Cars rocking out in one of the rehearsals rooms. Many acts will do pre-production for albums in here, so creativity and excitement fills the air, with artists commonly trying out new material and getting it ready to record or perform.

And now you have the chance to experience the creative vibes of the music for yourself! Jam with your own band in a fully working rehearsals room!


The creative vibes flowing through a real, live, working rehearsals studio, where Dublin’s best bands are in the process of rehearsing their material.

Get the Look

Feel like a proper rockstar, with an array of authentic costumes to choose from for your performance. Get in the mood to really rock out with whatever look you want, from 80’s Metal to 60’s Hippie!

Rock Out

Guitars, bass, drums and mics at the ready, amps turned up to 11, it’s time to rock out! Now that you’ve got the look, it’s time to jam with your newly formed band!

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