In the heart of Dublin

Sing Your Heart Out

It’s time to record your very first demo. This is the real test of your Rockstar credentials.

You’ve formed your band, put in the hard work in Rehearsals, been awestruck and inspired by the Gods of Rock that have come before you, partied Backstage before emerging on to the Button Factory Stage and checked out the gear in the Studio. Now it’s time to put all that your band has been through to the test in your very own Demo track!

Get the Look

Get the look that suits you, and feel like a real Rockstar in the studio. Check out our extensive wardrobe for an outfit that will give you the confidence to really sing your heart out. Emulate your idols, and really get into the Rockstar mindset. You’re ready for your performance!

Pick Your Track

Choose from an extensive list of classic Rock tracks to suit all tastes. Follow in the footsteps of your idols, and experience what it’s like to perform on of their classic tracks in an iconic studio that has played host to so many famous artists down through the years.

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Choose the instrument that suits you. Are you a cocky lead singer? Do you have the rhythm of a drummer flowing through your veins? Guitar virtuoso or chilled out bassist? Pick your poison and record your very own version of a classic track. Then collect your track from the giftshop for your very own piece of Rock ‘N’ Roll memorabilia.

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