This Area is Reserved for VIP’s Only

The backstage area of any venue is a place for bands to prepare for the show, psyche themselves up and get ready to give their best performance. But it also plays host to wild parties, debauchery and general craziness! There’s a reason backstage is where everyone wants to be, and now you get the chance to experience the thrill of being backstage for yourself!


Thanks to the Button Factory all visitors have a chance to walk in the footsteps of all the stars who have prepared for gigs in the venue. Our tour gives you a chance to check out some of the ludicrous demands made by acts such as AC/DC, David Bowie and U2 to name but a few!


Witness all the famous faces who have graced this green room before you. Our backstage wall of fame is filled with famous faces, all of whom have stood right where you stand now. They’re an interesting and diverse bunch, can you name them all?


Feel the pre-show nerves as you prepare to go onstage like so many bands before you. With the crowd expectantly calling for you to take to the stage. All visitors get the chance to really experience that rush of excitement all acts get from that final stage call.

Our Rock n Roll VIP TOUR members over the age of 18 can avail of a taste of Glendalough Irish Whiskey!

*Please Note*: As this is a busy working venue, there may be occasions during which it is not possible to go backstage and the tour may need to take an alternative route. 

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