Our 2017 list of Rock n Roll Christmas Tunes

Our 2017 list of Rock n Roll Christmas Tunes.

Christmas is upon us once again and we’re feeling more and more festive each day. We’ve go our Rock ‘N’ Roll Christmas Tour in full swing. We’re having our well deserved Christmas party and there’s even a few mince pies floating around. Now we’ve blogged before about the Top 10 Christmas Songs at the Museum but considering everyone and their granny has released a christmas song we thought we’d do another bumper playlist and spotlight on some of the rock ‘n’ roll diamonds which have dropped over the years. Below is a random step into rock n roll history, as some of these songs even we didn’t know existed., some are so obscure they’re not even on spotify, but we have them here for you all to view.

20. “Christmas Biscuits” Glen Hansard and Mark Geary

19.”White Christmas” Villagers

This cover is part of a charity album featuring a wide range of Irish singers. The Album is called A Co- Present Christmas and is available to purchase on bandcamp

18. “Lonely This Christmas” Kodaline

Kodaline never released this Christmas song but they recorded it live in 2014 for the British Garden Museum.

17. “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” Maria Doyle Kennedy

This is also part of A Co- Present Christmas and is available to purchase here. Maria Doyle Kennedy is an Irish Singer Song writer and an actress from The Commitments, a movie that’s sure to be played in every Irish household over the festive period.

16. “This Christmas” – Picture This

Picture this debuted at number one in Ireland with “This Christmas” over the festive period in 2016.

15. “Walking in the Air” Ryan Sheridan

Ryan captures the essence of The Snowman, while adding his own bluegrass inspired twist in this cover of the winter classic.

14. “Glad Tidings” Van Morrison

Glad Tidings was the final track from Moondance and is a bouncy festive tune that doesn’t get enough credit.

13. “Silent Night” Sinead O Connor

A hauntingly beautiful cover of Silent Night.

12. “Do they know it’s Christmas Time” Band Aid

There can be no Christmas song list ever without mentioning Band Aid.

11. “Baby Please Come Home” U2

This Darlene Love Cover is played regularly in Temple Bar and is one of the better christmas songs!

10. “Oiche Chiuin” Enya

Another Hauntingly beautiful song from one of Ireland’s leading ladies.

9. “White Christmas” – Stiff Little Fingers

Possibly one of our favourite covers of White Christmas.

8. “Don Oíche Úd I MBeithil” Horslips

Don Oíche Úd I MBeithil is Irish for That Night in Bethlehem and it’s one of our favourites from Horslips.

7. “Christmas Past” Mick Flannery & Lisa Hannigan

This was recorded at other voices in 2008 and is a magical mix of both uniquely talented singers.

6. “Bells of Dublin” The Chieftans

Traditionally played on Christmas Eve the Chieftans capture Irish Music and church bells perfectly in Bells of Dublin.

5. “Too Much Alcohol” Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher wasn’t immune to the odd christmas mention with him wishing us all a happy christmas at the end of “Too Much Alcohol”.

4. “A Child could Save us all”Sean Needham

This song is a lovely original piece from Sean Needham released in 2009.

3.”A Blue Christmas” Columbia Mills

This is also part of A Co- Present Christmas and is available to purchase here. A newer Irish Band and a new favourite Christmas cover.

2. “Oh No It’s Christmas” Session Moths

This is also part of A Co- Present Christmas and is available to purchase here. This is the top song on this album personally!

1. “Fairytale of New York” The Pogues

The quintissential Christmas song needs no introduction. It’s been voted time and time again as the best Christmas song.

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