A Touch of History

St. Andrews Parish is the earliest documented name of the Temple Bar area, with the Vikings being its first inhabitants. During the medieval ages, Temple Bar fell outside of the city walls and was somewhat ignored until the 17th century, when its land was recultivated to serve as gardens to wealthy English families.

Rumour has it that Temple Bar was named after the Temple family who built their house and gardens here in the early 1600’sHowever, we do believe that this is not the case and the name copy’s that of London’s Temple Bar District.  And with street names such as Essex Street and Fleet Street to match, there is no doubt that the two districts are linked!

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar Bus Station?

The area gave birth to Irish music’s international recognition, which is not surprising, as happy spirits, music, and Irish beer go hand in hand. Temple Bar’s modern cultural role started forming in the ‘80s. Originally, the Irish state had planned for Temple Bar to become Dublin’s bus district, but due to pressure from the public (mainly lovers of culture and music), the state decided to reverse their decision. And thank god they did, imagine trying to have a pint with all them buses driving around!

The True Home of Music?

If music had a home, it would surely be Dublin’s Temple Bar! Words ca not describe the feeling you get as you walk down these winding cobblestone streets while listening to a man and his guitar blast out a version of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ by Thin Lizzy.

Being the true home to music, you will find a great variety to satisfy all music tastes. From buskers to professional performers Temple Bar Dublin is definitely the place to be!