The Most Rocking Weekend of the Year

The Rock N Roll Weekend 2017. The rock n roll weekend of 2017 is upon us and we’ve lots to celebrate this weekend! Have a look at all the Rock N Roll events, news and fun rolling across the city this weekend! 5. The Rock N Roll Marathon All around the world people are running to Rock N Roll and Ireland is no different. The Rock n Roll Marathon is taking place this weekend. We’ll be running it and we’re offering 20% off to all participants and you get free in if you bring four people. Check out the video  below about why running rocks! 4. The Rock N Roll Festival The Rock N Roll Festival is on in Dame District and we’ll be extending our Rock N Roll Discount to visitors to this festival.  It’s a free festival to celebrate all things rockabilly and it’s a great thing for charity. Alway worth a visit! 3.Eric Bell of Thin Lizzy has finished recording his new album “Standing at a Bus Stop” Eric Bell, of Thin Lizzy fame, is releasing his new album where you can preorder CD or Vinyl here now on. Click the album work below to go through to order! [Album cover work: Eric Bell on Alderley Edge - Album cover artwork Source:]   2. The Temple Bar Summer Family Fun Day The Temple Bar Summer Family Fun Day is on the 12th, 19th and 26th August in Crampton Court Dublin 2 and the first event is this Saturday. With animal and kid friendly events on this will be a free event to celebrate Temple Bar....

Giving back to the Front Lines

Frontline Special: Free in for members of the Fire Brigade to the Irish Rock N Roll Museum for the Month of August Rockers in the Fire Brigade rejoice!  The Irish Rock ‘N Roll Museum Experience is giving you a little special! We’re letting all those in the Fire Brigade in free for the Month of August. You must show your Identity Card at the time of booking your tour. Tours are limited to 12 per tour, if they’re full they’re full. You’re onto the next one. You must attend with a paying visitor. If you bring your family they get 10% off. You must book your tour with us in advance. The tour is guided. Bonus brownie points when you review us on Trip Advisor. Visitors MUST rock out. Don’t know us? Have a look at our video below, or you can find us on Facebook, Twitter (IrishRockMuseum) or bopping around temple bar. A post shared by Irish Rock Museum (@irishrockmuseum) on May 5, 2016 at 5:18am PDT Book Your Guided Tour...

Run Like a Rockstar Weekend Discount

Are you taking part in the Rock N Roll Marathon? We’re big fans of Rock N Roll here, not so much the running but we’re learning! So we’re taking part in the Marathon ourselves but we’re also offering a few different specials.

The International Day of Rock N Roll is because of the Irish!

Did you know that the Irish can claim the International Day of Rock ‘N’ Roll? Today, the 13th of July marks the celebration of the International Day of Rock ‘N’ Roll. It’s a day to celebrate the best music and the Rock ‘N’ Roll lifestyle. Rock music originated in America in the 1950s, and has shaped every generation since. However, some of you youngsters may not know but the international Day of Rock ‘N’ Roll originated to celebrate the memory of July 13th 1985, the day the Rock Giants raised their instruments and £30milllion for charity. Live Aid was organized by Ireland’s very own Bob Geldof with guest performances by rock giants like The Who, Status Quo, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Madonna, Queen, David Bowie, BB King, Mick Jagger, Sting, Scorpions, U2, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and Black Sabbath. The event planned to raise €10million and tripled that showing the real power of music. Today is a special day for rockers around the world, but the Irish get to celebrate it in a special way as it’s named after an initiative driven by Irish Rock N Rollers. That’s ours and even if Live Aid was in Wembley that day would not have happened without Bob and the Boomtown Rats. So what should you do to celebrate? Watch this video. We’d say it’s experiencing a surge of views today. Spotify is also celebrating the day of rock! Go listen to our latest playlists here Would you like to know more about Irish Music and it’s colourful history? Then we suggest you visit Dave Fanning’s Story of Irish Rock Music...

A U2 Weekend to Remember

    U2 fans worldwide are descending on Croke Park over the weekend of July 22nd. We can almost hear the choruses of “With or Without you” echoing across the city. Want to make the most of the weekend? The Button Factory is hosting U2 Cover Band Zooropa on Friday the 21st! On top of that we here at The Irish Rock N Roll Museum are offering 20% off to U2 and Zooropa fans on our tours all weekend. The Irish Rock N Roll Museum is a guided tour starting off in The Button Factory and offers visitors a chance to tour a live venue, a recording studios, with a U2 Room, Thin Lizzy memorabilia, U2 Waxworks donated by our sister museum The National Wax Museum Plus and the chance to take to the stage yourself. This is a must do for U2 Fans visiting Dublin. We’re also offering some fans a unique opportunity to see Zooropa rehearse on Friday evening. For more on what the Irish Rock N Roll Museum experience is like, visit our Instagram Page. We think we have a new natural born tourguide with us. Gary started last week and today he taught our earlier tour how to play With or Without You by U2!😎 A post shared by Irish Rock Museum (@irishrockmuseum) on Jul 3, 2017 at 6:03am PDT We’re also a family friendly venue. So if you’re not fortunate enough to have tickets to U2 bring the kids down and let them loose on our stage! A Child ticket costs €8.00 Some future stars visited us over the week-end and treated us to a cover...

Ireland’s Influence On The American Rock Scene – From An American

Ireland’s Influence On The American Rock Scene - From An American   Have you ever tried to define that “something” that Ireland has? That “Irish flair”? I was trying to write a description, but any attempt was terrible. It’s very difficult to express it with words, but y’all know what I’m talking about. So, while famous bands and artists like Thin Lizzy, U2, The Pogues and The Dubliners were taking stance as classic Irish Rockers, their sound and their Irish-being was influencing a new generation of musicians on the other side of the world: (drumroll)… America!   Let me introduce you to… 3 Irish-American artists who brought the Irish flair to the American rock scene!   Dropkick Murphys I’m American so naturally the first band I’ll mention are the Dropkick Murphys. They bring Irish flair  to St. Patrick’s Day festivals around the world and they kick ass when they’re gigging bars around Boston. They are one of the most famous American Celtic Punk Bands. Dropkick Murphys just released their new album “11 Stories of Pain and Glory”, but they are slaying the American scene since their foundation in 1996. The founding member Ken Casey, bass guitarist and singer, took inspiration from The Pogues, The Dubliners and Greenland Whalefishers to fuse the band’s iconic Celtic sound with American Punk angst.   Sorry fans but their Dublin July concert is already sold out! We’ll all need to be faster next time, myself included.   Flogging Molly This is the story of Dave, a kid that grew up on the south-side of Dublin. He left his beloved city to move to California...

Tradfest 2017 Experience

For Temple Bar TradFest 2017, we will be running Traditional Irish Music themed tours. On top of that, we’re offering a 20% discount on admission for anyone with a ticket for a Tradfest gig!

Discount for Concertgoers

We’re passionate about music at the Irish Rock N Roll Museum. It goes without saying we have a particular love for Rock music of the Irish variety, but we love and respect music in all forms and try our best to incorporate a wide variety of Irish bands in our tour and museum. Live music remains such an amazing form of artistic expression and something we at the museum want to celebrate.

A Rock N Roll Christmas

Try something different and have a Rock N Roll Christmas with us here in the Irish Rock N Roll Museum this Decemeber! We’ll be celebrating with festive cheer, new stories about your favourite Irish bands Christmas traditions, Christmas karaoke and much more! Tis the season to be rockin’, so visit us this Christmas for a special and unique experience you won’t get anywhere else, or at any other time of the year.

The Ultimate Family Deal – Wax Museum Family Combo

We’re delighted to announce our new Family Combo Deal, one ticket for two of Dublin’s best museums at a great price. If you’re torn between nostalgic parents wanting to relive their youth, and kids that want to see their favourite cartoon heroes in the Wax Museum, never fear there’s something for everyone to enjoy!