NEW DONATION: Limited Edition 12” of U2’s first single; 3

NEW DONATION: Limited Edition 12” of U2’s first single; 3. Just in time for St Patrick’s Weekend we’re adding a new donation to the Irish Rock N Roll Museum into our U2 Room. The new addition is a particularly unique copy of U2’s first single “3”. How Andrew Got His Copy “Back in 1979, I was one of those many Dublin teenagers that used to go see U2 and others at the Dandelion Market for just 50p on a Saturday afternoon. When U2 announced that they were releasing their first piece of vinyl I joined the queue outside Advance records, just beside Dandelion and got a copy of the 12inch limited edition” Andrew Styles, the U2 Record Owner and donator. “There were only 1,000 issued from just a couple of independent record stores in Dublin.”(Photo Credit: Advance Records Patrick Brocklebank Source: ) About This Donation This 12 inch record which is number 519, of 1,000 records is a highly sought after collector’s item. It was only available to purchase in Ireland. Each record was hand pressed and individually numbered by Jackie Hayden, the Marketing Manager of CBS Records in Ireland at the time. CBS Records was the former name of Sony Records Ireland and is emblazoned on the vinyl cover. Jackie Hayden, who also signed U2 to CBS records joined Hot Press Magazine in 1983 and later became their General Manager. What’s interesting about this vinyl record is that Jackie Hayden etched the names of the members of the band onto both sides of each vinyl. Scratches on the vinyl, number 519, donated to the Museum are: CBS...

Temple Tradfest 2018 The History of Trad Music and Rock N Roll Fusion

For Temple Bar TradFest 2018, we’re converting our usual rock ‘n’ roll tour into a Traditionally Irish Music themed tour. We’ll be talking about the Traditional music each of our rock stars drew their inspiration from, we have some traditional memorabilia from some of the most renowned traditional musicians.

Vibe For Philo 2018

Vibe for Philo is an annual event held to commemorate Phil Lynott on the anniversary of his tragic death. It’s obviously an event close to our heart with Phil having such a strong presence in the museum, and this year we’re doing both a discount and an extra special giveaway!

Top Irish Music Made for Irish Football Matches

You might wonder why is the Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum Experience’s blog but we’re all football fans here and the matches got us thinking what Rock songs epitomise the build up to any great sporting event.

Memorabilia Showcase: A Textile Portrait of Phil Lynott from Stitchin in the Kitchen

We get tagged in many posts online from musicians sharing their personal covers of U2’s greatest hits or of artists interpretations of stars. We even share the odd creative piece ourselve… But one day we were tagged in a beautiful piece of artwork online that we had to share. Jane Sanders, or “Stitchin_in_the_kitchen” as she goes by online, tagged is in a textile portrait that really connected with

The Joshua Tree is being re-imagined

The Joshua Tree is being re-imagined, the biggest names in Ireland’s music scene have come together and will be covering songs from U2’s iconic album The Joshua Tree in celebration of hitting its 30 year mark.